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Balloon Sinus Dilation for Sinusitis
Balloon Sinuplasty from Shea ENT
Minimally Invasive Office Procedure
for Relief from Chronic Sinusitis
Balloon Sinuplasty from Shea ENT
Allergy and Immunology Treatment
Allergy and Immunology Treatment
Treatment for Airborne Allergies and
Chronic Delayed Food Allergies
Allergy and Immunology Treatment
Audiology and Hearing Aid Services
Audiology and Hearing Aid Services
Expert Diagnosis, Treatment and
Management for Hearing Loss
Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

Welcome to SHEA ENT

Allergy Sinus Audiology Specialists

Shea ENT team has extensive experience in medical and surgical Otolaryngology (Ear Nose Throat) and Audiology (hearing and balance evaluation and treatment), treating all ages from infant, child, teen, and adult to senior. 

Our knowledgeable team is comprised of compassionate health care providers and support staff that coordinate efforts to provide efficient and effective care. 

We specialize in diagnosis and treatment of chronic sinusallergy and hearing problems with advanced and innovative methods:

  • Sinus problems can be cared for with an in-office balloon sinus procedure using Entellus®technology.
  • Allergies both airborne and delayed food, can be treated with our exclusive Allertol® allergy drops, ideal for children.
  • Hearing problems are cared for by an experienced Doctor of Audiology, offering custom hearing aids from Widex and other popular brands.

Shea ENT team has experience caring for these Ear, Nose and Throat problems:

  • Ear - blocked ear, ear wax, ear canal infections such as swimmers ear, trouble hearing, ear ache, ear drainage, middle ear infection, middle ear fluid - serous otitis media, dizziness and inner ear problems such as Meniere's and benign positional vertigo or BPPV, ringing in the ear or tinnitus, noise intolerance, and hearing aid fitting problems.

    Specializing in all aspects of Audiology, using state-of-the-art technology to perform hearing evaluations. When indicated, the patient is offered a custom hearing aid with the correct style and digital circuitry specific for the hearing demands of the individual. Hearing aids we offer are selected for durability, reliability and value, manufactured by world-wide leaders in hearing aid research and development.
  • Nose - sinus infections - sinusitis involving the maxillary ethmoid frontal and sphenoid sinuses, sinus pressure, sinus headache, nasal blockage: nasal polyps, septal deviation, swollen nasal turbinates, seasonal allergic rhinitis - hay fever (grass, tree, weed and other pollen allergy), perennial allergies (chronic food allergy, animal dander allergy such as cat, dog, spouse, etc., and house dust mite).

    Specializing in Balloon Sinuplasty, with many years’ experience using balloon dilation to successfully treat chronic sinus infections.

    Specializing also in a patented method of sublingual testing and treatment for delayed food allergies using the Allertol®protocol. Nasal spray addiction is common, as well as use of nasal strips such as BreatheRite®... Symptoms of chronic delayed food allergy include: repeated sneezing especially when awakening or in bright sunshine, chronic runny nose, annoying itching of the inner corner of the eye or deep in the ear, headache including migraine, wheezing, coughing fits, throat tightness /lump in the throat sensation, episodic fatigue, irritable bowel with sudden diarrhea, skin itching and rashes or eczema, ringing in the ear or tinnitus, and in some instances rapid or irregular pulse and joint pain.
  • Throat - tonsillitis, adenoiditis, enlarged tonsils, large adenoid, snoring, sleep apnea, laryngitis and hoarseness from reflux and or tobacco use, voice disorders, vocal cord nodules or growths, neck lumps, thyroid nodules, thyroiditis, disorders of salivary glands parotid and submandibular, and lesions of the oral cavity.
  • Face - weakness or paralysis of the face, eczema, and rashes.

"The Shea ENT team strives to provide the latest in high quality innovative patient care professionally delivered with compassion, in a Texas-friendly manner.”

The entire team of SHEA ENT welcomes you to our practice.

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Shea ENT, a Licensed Provider of
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